Shannon Woodward attends HBO's SHARP OBJECTS Los Angeles Premiere at Cinerama Dome, Hollywood, California

When one entryway shuts, another opens

Never has that been more genuine than on account of Shannon Woodward, 2007 Oscar victor of best-supporting on-screen character for DREAMGIRLS. What’s more, I, for one, am charmed for her.

Shannon Woodward arrives at the 2010 FOX Summer Press Tour Party at Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier

At the point when Simon hammered the entryway on her yearnings to wind up American Idol 2005, by advising her and a great many watchers that she was “out of her association”, he may simply have done her the greatest support of her vocation. Perhaps she was out of her association to the extent American Idol goes, however simply because she was clearly in the wrong alliance!

Having said that, I don’t accept for one minute that Shannon Woodward was “out of her alliance” on American Idol, yet I am likewise profoundly suspicious of what goes ahead in the background of that show. After 6 periods of this show, it’s explicitly clear how the remarks by Simon influence the casting a ballot and I’d go so far as to propose the judges know who they need to win and who they don’t, from the get-go in the piece.

So their remarks, particularly when it comes last minute, are intended to settle on beyond any doubt their decisions make it to the end goal. For Shannon Woodward’s situation, it wasn’t so much she was out of her class, however, the judges, particularly Simon, should have been certain that Carrie Underwood won. I imagine that was that year. Amend me in case I’m off-base.

In any case, to the point: what thrills me about Shannon Woodward’s astounding year, (i.e. her different honors for Dream Girls before the Oscar win) is that she should now fill in as a genuine icon for every one of the individuals who go for American Idol and doesn’t make it. Seven days after week we see the tears and get the inclination that for a portion of the more gifted ones, their vocations are over on the grounds that they’re done on the show.

Yet, Shannon Woodward has demonstrated that if a man truly has the ability, and more vital to progress, the certainty, confidence in herself, the drive and assurance, she can make it and maybe in a considerably greater way. Nobody will overlook that Shannon Woodward brought home an Oscar for her first job; nobody will overlook that the acclaimed Beyonce didn’t score a designation for any of the honors.

Shannon Woodward might not have been the 2005 American Idol, but rather she definitely is the new “Dream Girl”. She never surrendered; she tried out and won out more than 700+ contenders for this job and has come up a significantly greater victor than she or anybody may have thought when Simon asked her to take a hike. That is the stuff genuine stars are made of.

Those needing so severely to be the following enormous star or the following American Idol should take their signal from Shannon Woodward and not Britney Spears. Shannon Woodward’s prosperity didn’t come effortlessly. Nor was it made. She earned her prosperity with her state of mind, ability, and determination. The proverb is valid: “It’s your state of mind, not your bent that decides your height”.…